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The Best Solutions For Your Racoon Problem

 Best Solutions for Your Racoon Problem 

If we ask you to name a place where you find the most comfort and warmth in this whole world, then, of course, the first place that will come into your mind will be your home. But what if a sudden unwelcomed guest enters your cozy place and decides not to leave it? No one likes an unwelcome guest in their house, be it your neighbor or raccoons. Yes, raccoons! And once raccoons enter your home, it is such a headache to get rid of them. Raccoons are one of the most troublemaking wild species that has become very habitual to the houses of urban areas and causes such a nuisance. Few people love them as a pet but not most of them; many do not like their presence as they cause lots of mess. Not only this, but they also transmit diseases, which is why people living in urban areas often look for various professional services to get rid of raccoons.

If you are looking for effective and long-term results to get rid of raccoons, then hiring a professional will be a smart decision to protect your house from their invasion. At Critter Pricker, we strive to deliver 100% satisfactory results to our clients.

Getting rid of Raccoons!

Raccoons not just create lots of mess but can transmit some dangerous diseases through their poop. Unless you want them as a pet, raccoons can cause headaches and serious health issues.

What does Raccoon poop look like?

Raccoons are the most daunting wild species that can cause a huge mess at your place, but one thing that is a lot more severe issue is their poop. Raccoons carry a worm inside their intestines, which get excreted out of their body with other waste material. Still, the most haunting fact is that they can survive in feces for months and contaminate the area, which can cause serious diseases. So getting rid of these wild species becomes a more health-related topic for many families.

Best wildlife deterrent period.



If you want to get rid of raccoons at your place without harming them, then contact Critter Pricker for 100% satisfactory results. Several repellents are available in the market, but at Critter Pricker, we ensure that no harm is done to these little wild animals while removing them from your home with our 100% effective and efficient solutions. We make sure that we also cause no harm to these little creatures along with your property, and you can get rid of them effectively.

How to get rid of Raccoons, Video Roof, Pool, Attic, Yard?

If you are looking for the best way to get rid of raccoons, then rely on Critter Pricker. Not just will this product help you to get rid of raccoons, but it also makes sure that no harm is done to these wild creatures. If you google raccoon repellent, then hundreds of results will show up on your screen, but most of them are either not much effective or can cause harm to raccoons, which of course, none of us want. So we make sure that your property is free of raccoons by installing a product that will cause no harm to these creatures – a Critter Pricker.

Many families want to get rid of raccoons as soon as possible because they are worried about their little kids. But we assure you that with our service, you will not face the problem of an unwanted guest at your home for a longer time.

Critter Pricker – How to install

Are you tired and frustrated with raccoons frequently defecating in your pool or the yard, then go for a much safer option that will cause no harm to raccoons and will also help you to get rid of them – Critter Pricker. Yes, in the sea of all the chemical repellants, a physical deterrent option is available in the market to help you get rid of raccoons effectively. But how do you install it?

  • When you receive the product, there will be 10 pieces per box. Arrange all the pieces in a manner where the spike side faces down.

  • Now set them in a row adjacent to each other.

  • Once you have arranged them, line the strips up right before they snap together (there are pressure point marked where you need to press)

  • Once you hear a loud snap or click, that means the strip are connected to each other.

  • Now proceed connecting all the strips together in the same way, and voila, you have your product ready.

What is great other than a build-yourself thing about this product is that it is totally customizable according to your needs. Not all pools are shaped similarly, that is why having a product that can be customized according to your pool’s shape and gives you a lot more freedom and helps to get rid of raccoons.

Raccoon safely removing the baby because of the Critter Pricker.



Once you have got your Critter Pricker installed around the pool area, in your lawns, or on your roof, now sit back as this product will help you get rid of raccoons from your place. Unlike most of the other deterrent methods, this Critter Pricker product is a much safer option to get rid of raccoons as it does not harm these wild species.

Critter Pricker The Gator step does nothing! But Critter Pricker Delivers

Raccoons are a nocturnal animal, which means that they come out in the night so what you can do to guard your pool premises, lawn, or roof from these wild animals is to get Critter Pricker installed. Once you have this product installed around your pool or anywhere in the house where these creatures create a lot of mess, you can sleep silently in the night. The Critter Pricker will keep the raccoons away from your home without causing any harm to these wild animals and help you get rid of them for a longer time.
Say goodbye to the most annoying and unwelcomed guests – Raccoons, and their mess with Critter Pricker!

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