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Critter Pricker®️ vs Floating alligator head

For many homeowners with pools, there is the struggle of stopping Raccoons from pooping on the front step of the pool. Gross, I know!

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So now what?!? How do we stop this nasty habit that Raccoons do daily? Many people look to deter the animal with a floating alligator head that eventually stops being effective.

Why Floating Alligator Head Does not Work ???

As a wildlife professional, I used this product, and it failed due to the floating Alligator head getting stuck in the skimmer or on a wall upside down. I needed to offer a humane method of deterring Raccoons from pooping on the pool step.

The Critter Pricker®️ was developed to do just that. Raccoons’ hands are hypersensitive because they have no depth perception. Once the strips are connected to a mat and placed in the front of the pool’s steps, raccoons won’t go any further because it’s very uncomfortable but won’t hurt or injure them in the process. Critter Pricker is the front line of protection with proven on-the-ground results. So, order your Critter Pricker now and get protected!


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